Posted by Fantasized emotions appearing real

I am so blessed, SO blessed, that i always get the wrong things in life. Really,! No kidding.
Can i ask myself why? Can i ask you? Can i ask anybody?
It is something I ponder, knowing that I would never get an answer.
It is hard to not think about it.
I ve a book that I write, only when I am sad. I think i need to get a new one.
At this point, i tend to blame my parents, my attitude, and myself.
Yes. the biggest reason why I am like this.. is ME
All I can think about, now, is the ashes, when i will see when I am burnt after I die.
When we were born, we came empty handed, when we die, we go empty handed ( Namadurai sir).
Having that in mind, i will control myself to shun myself from thinking too hard. About anything at all.